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TM9-2815-202-34 8-14.   CYLINDER   COMPRESSION   TEST   (Cent) NO FUEL 9. h. Position rocker arms (5) over pressure gage  and  adapter  (15)  and  exhaust  valves. Install two rocker arm shaft bolts (4) and torque to 90-100  Ib-ft  (122-136  N-m). l l l NOTE Do not crank engine using starter motor  to  obtain  compression pressure.  Engine  must  be  running to  obtain  accurate  reading. Variation  in  compression  pressures between  cylinders  must  not  exceed 25 PSI (172  kPa) at 600 RPM. Use spare fuel line to fabricate a jumper  connection  between  fuel inlet  and  return  manifold connectors.  Fuel  line  cannot  be reinstalled  on  engine. Install  spare  fuel  line  (17)  between  inlet manifold (18) and return manifold (19). l l WARNING Avoid contact with hot manifolds,  pulleys,  and other moving parts to avoid personal  Injury. Wear  proper  ear  protection when  running  engine.  Noise volume  of  engine  can  cause hearing loss or injury. Protective  turbocharger  air inlet shield must be Installed prior to doing maintenance  when  engine  Is running  and  air  Inlet  has been  removed.  Contact  with rotating  blades  will  cause injury to personnel. CAUTION Run engine in clean area when air intake  ducting is removed. Dirt, dust, and particles in unfiltered air can enter  engine  and  damage  parts  or cause  mechanical  failure. . , 1 POSITION Yo /     ‘6 11 i. Start engine and run at 600 RPM. Record pressure  shown  on  cylinder  tester  gage. 8-36


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