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TM 9-2815-220-24
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REPAIR (Continued)
1. Replace all castings when cracks have penetrated high stress areas such as fillets or webbing.
2. Replace all castings that do not conform to tolerances specified in the appropriate repair
standards table in the inspection section of the procedural work package.
3. Replace all castings if machined surfaces are burred or nicked to the point of impairing
subsequent assembly or operation.
Cleaning Compound Solvent
4. Repair minor damage to machined surfaces of castings with a fine mill file, crocus cloth
(item 9, WP 0173) dipped in cleaning compound (item 8, WP 0173), or soft honing stone. Pay
particular attention to gasket surfaces.
5. Replace all castings having flanges that are severely warped and cannot be repaired to provide
a proper seating surface with its mating part.
6. Repair minor warpage of mounting flanges and mounting pads by working surface across a
sheet of crocus cloth (item 9, WP 0173) or held tightly on a surface plate or similar flat
surface. Replace bent castings, which may impair assembly or operation.
Pipe plug threads in castings must be in good condition to prevent oil
7. Repair damaged pipe or screw threads in tapped holes with a tap or die.
Dowel Pins
1. Remove dowel pins that are loose or damaged.
2. If original dowel pin was only slightly loose, install new pin using sealing compound.
3. In cases where the dowel pin hole is grossly out of round, drill the hole oversize, fashion a
bushing, and install a new dowel pin in the bushing.
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