Quantcast Final Test -- Continued - TM-9-2815-247-34_133

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TM 9--2815--247--34 0019 00--8 ENGINE RUN--IN -- CONTINUED 0019 00 Final Test -- Continued Governor shall be adjusted to limit the engine no load speed as follows: Low Idle   825--875 RPM High Idle  2600--2660 rpm Adjust for smooth low idle, if necessary. Governor under--run below low idle setting during deceleration is permissi- ble providing the governor return to low idle response is positive with steady operation at the low idle setting. During test with oil temperature of 140°F to 250°F (60°C--121°C) at the oil gallery, the oil pressure shall not be more than 70 psi (482.6 kpa) nor less than 40 psi (275.8 kpa) measured at and/or adjacent to the pressure sending unit, when the engine is operating at 2400 rpm, using Grade 15W--40 oil, and shall not be less than 15 psi (103.42 kpa) when engine is idling. After completing run No. 15, check flame heater system for operation and fuel leaks by activating while idling and feeling for warm intake elbow. Check smoke generating system fuel flow. If the engine will be used in 30 days, remove from test and cap or plug all openings. If the engine will be stored longer than 30 days, preserve as directed in WP 0020 00. NOTE Any new cylinders that were installed while repairing the engine should have the intake and exhaust valve clear- ance settings rechecked at this time, refer to WP 0014 00. If a dynamometer is not available, the engine may be installed in a vehicle and the vehicle driven at equally in- creasing speed increments from 0 to maximum speed in 15--minute intervals over the first three hours of opera- tion. The engine may then be considered run--in. END OF TASK


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