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TM 9--2815--247--34 0070 00--10 CONNECTING ROD ASSEMBLY AND ASSOCIATED PARTS REPAIR -- CONTINUED 0070 00 Repair -- Continued 4.   Replace worn or damaged connecting rod pin bushing type bearings (12) using rod fixture guide (22). WARNING Wear gloves when handling heated parts. 5.   To install a new pin bushing bearing (12), the connecting rod (3) should be heated at 250°F (121.1°C) for approxi- mately 20 minutes and the pin bushing bearing (12) should be cooled to 35°F (--1.6°C). 6.   Place connecting rod (3) on improvised tool (22), making certain that pin bushing bearing bore is precisely aligned with connecting rod oil passage, install pin bushing (12). 7.   Burnish to seat bearing (12), then finish ream to 2.1275 to 2.1277 inches (54.0385--54.04358 mm). Figure F--4 MANDREL ASSEMBLY SLEEVE FOR BEARING REMOVAL GUIDE GUIDE LOCATOR ROD ASSEMBLY GUIDE, BEARING INSTALLER 12 3 22 BEARING FIXTURE ASSEMBLY


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