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TM 9-2815-250-24&P 2-21.  INTAKE MANIFOLD REPLACEMENT. This Task Covers: a.  Removal b.  Installation Initial Setup: Tools/Test Equipment:    Gasket (2) (Item 8, Appendix F)    General mechanic's tool kit, automotive    Self-locking nut (4) (Item 15, Appendix F) (Item 15, Appendix G)    Spring tension washer (4) (Item 25, Appendix F)    Screwdriver attachment, 6 mm (Item 24,    Spring tension washer (8) (Item 31, Appendix F) Appendix G)    Socket wrench set, 3/8-inch drive (Item 27, Equipment Conditions: Appendix G)    Valve vent removed (para 2-22).    Airflow deflectors removed as needed to permit Materials/Parts: replacement of air intake manifold (para 2-24).    Gasket set (2) (Item 4, Appendix F) a. REMOVAL 1. Remove  four  socket  head  screws  (5)  and  spring  tension  washers  (4),  adapter  (3),  and  four-part  gasket  (2)  from Intake manifold (1).  Discard spring tension washers and gasket. 2-15


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