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ARMY TM 9-2815-254-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-94-2 r. s. t. u. v. w. x. y. z. Install cover (17) so oil flow hole is facing as noted in disassembly on drive end and secure with four screws (16). Tighten screws 72 in-lbs (8.1 Nm). Apply adhesive (242) and install four plugs (15) in bottom of pump. Tighten plugs 47 ft-lbs (63 7 Nm) Place pump in upright position. Install adapter (19, FIGURE 3-7) in pump housing (3). Insert camshaft (18, FIGURE 3-8) into pump housing from governor end. Position  new  gasket  (18,  FIGURE  3-7)  and  governor  housing  (17)  on  pump  housing  and  secure  with  one  bolt (14), retainer (15), and six screws (16). Tighten bolt (14) to 150 in-lbs (16.9 Nm) and screws (16) to 72 in-lbs (8.1  Nm). If removed, install new preformed packing (13) and plug (12) in top of governor housing (17). Checkcamshaft  end  play.  Using  a  dial  indicator  measure  end  play.  End  play  should  be  0.001  to  0.002  in.  (0.03 to 0.05 mm). If end play is not within limits, remove camshaft and change thickness of shims (21, FIGURE 3-8) and recheck end play. Check control rack (39) sliding resistance by tipping pump back and forth. Check that rack moves freely. aa. Using measuring device (1057826280) check the stroke of control rack (39). The stroke should be 0.83 in. (21 mm) from position where control rack is fully pushed toward governor to position where it is fully pulled toward  drive  end.  If  stroke  is  not  0.83  in.  (21  mm)  it  will  be  necessary  to  change  engagement  of  sleeve  pinions (30) with control rack to obtain proper stroke. ab. Attach coupling (1578424420) to camshaft and hold coupling using spanner (157916-5420). Tighten nut on coupling. ac. Rotate camshaft (18) until tappet (23) is in TDC position. ad.   Remove  tappet  holders  (FIGURE  D-1,  Appendix  D)  and  continue  to  rotate  camshaft  until  all  the  tappet  holders are removed. Confirm that camshaft rotates freely by manually rotating camshaft slowly. 3-53


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