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TM 9-8000
e. Fuel Outlet (Fig. 4-2). The outlet pipe is located
approximately In. (1.27 cm) above the bottom of the
fuel tank or cell. This location Is ideal to allow sediment to
fall to the bottom of the tank or cell without it being drawn
into the fuel system.
f. Fuel Gage Provision (Fig. 4-2). A provision usually is
made to install a fuel gage. This provision usually is In the
form of a flanged hole.
Drainplug (Fig. 4-2). A threaded drain-plug usually is
provided at the bottom of the tank for draining and
4-2. Fuel Filters.
A. Purpose. The fuel filter traps foreign material that may
Figure 4-2. Typical Removable Fuel
be present in the fuel and preventing it from entering the
Tank Construction.
carburetor or sensitive fuel Injection components.
b. Location (Fig. 4-5). There Is at least one fuel filter used
fuel from being spilled Into the passenger, engine, or
in the fuel system. A fuel filter can be located in any
cargo compartment. The filler pipes used on military
accessible place along the fuel delivery line. Filters also
vehicles are designed to allow their tanks or cells to be
can be located inside fuel tanks, carburetors, and fuel
filled at a rate of at least 50 gallons (189.25 liters) per
Figure 4-3. Typical Fuel Cell Installation.


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