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TM 9-8000
solid inner and outer races, with solid outer race and no
roller length.  Separate outer and inner races may be
inner race, and with a split outer race and no inner race.
used, or the inner race may be the shaft and the outer
race integral with the housing. No spacing cage is used
c. Tapered Roller. Tapered roller bearings (fig. 19-
ordinarily; the rollers merely are constrained against
11)  are  used  extensively  in  automotive  power
endwise movement.  Needle bearings are suitable for
transmission systems, especially for the more heavily
radial loads only. These bearings are used where a high
loaded rotating members.  The rolling members and
load-carrying capacity is required in a small space.
raceways of the tapered roller bearings are constructed
Needle bearings are used in many universal joints. 19-9.
on the elements of a cone, so that lines that coincide with
Bearing Lubrication.  A basic requirement of ball and
the contacting surfaces of rollers and races all meet at a
roller bearing lubrication is to protect the highly finished
common point on the axis of the bearing as shown at the
surfaces from corrosion. The supporting surfaces of the
bottom of figure 19-11.  True rolling contact is thus
cage, or retainer, essentially are plain bearings and
obtained. The essential parts are an inner race or cone,
require an oil film. A small quantity of oil or grease will
an outer race or cup, tapered rollers, and a cage or roller
lubricate a bearing if it is distributed evenly. An excess
retainer. These bearings are suitable for heavy duty, and
quantity of lubricant is undesirable because it will cause
can withstand radial loads and thrust loads in one
the bearing to heat and will aggravate leakage from the
direction or a combination of both. Such bearings also
bearing  housing.
Operating  temperature  is  the
are available with double and quadruple rows of tapered
controlling factor in selecting the proper grade of
rollers.  Flat thrust bearings having tapered rollers,
lubricant. Load, speed, and weather conditions directly
suitable for thrust loads only, also are available.  d.
affect this temperature, as does the particular type of
Needle Bearings. Needle bearings (fig. 19-12) (or quill
bearing and the shaft enclosures.
bearings, as they sometimes are called) are cylindrical
roller bearings in which the diameter of the roller is not
The  antifriction  bearings  in  automotive  power
over one-eighth the
transmission systems are not lubricated as separate
units but as parts of assemblies such as
Figure 19-11. Typical Tapered Roller Bearings


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