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TM 9-8000
figure 24-5. This reversal results because the reverse-
range clutch holds the reverse-range planet carrier
speed and In same direction), no power Is passing
stationary as shown In figure 24-6.
through the steering system. But when one of the steer
clutches Is engaged, power Is carried through the
24-6. Steering.
steering system, and this causes the two sun gears In
the two output planetaries to turn In opposite directions.
As they turn In opposite directions, they provide opposing
a. General. Steering Is accomplished through the
rotary motion to the output planetaries.
two steer clutches, the steer differential, and the gearing
to the output planetary sun gears. Driving power Is
b. Left Steer In Neutral Range. Steering can be
carried to the two steer clutches at all times by the
accomplished 'with the transmission In neutral; that Is,
gearing on the converter turbine output shaft. However,
with, ,"o power passing through the cross-drive shaft to
when neither of the steer clutches Is engaged and the
the output planetaries. With this condition, the low-, high-
vehicle Is moving straight ahead or straight reverse (both
, and reverse- range clutches are disengaged. No driving
output flanges turning at the same


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