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TM 9-8000
Figure 32-21. Bullet Resisting Tube
Figure 32-23. Cured-On Rubber-Covered
d. Spud-Mounted Valve. Spud-mounted valves (fig.
with many passenger car and light truck tires. This type
32-26) are constructed in two parts for attaching to the
of valve stem is mounted on tubeless tire rims through a
tube. These valves are airtight at the base because of
circular hole of controlled dimension. The valve stem is
the clamping action between the spud and stem base.
encased in a heavy, pear-shaped, rubber cover.  The
They are identified readily by the absence of a bridge
base of the valve is shaped like a mushroom head and
washer and hex nut. The eger spud valve no longer is
below the threaded shank there is a slight ridge. When
used, but the principle of two-part construction has been
the valve is installed properly, the edge of the rim valve
continued by some manufacturers. The eger spud has
hole will be between the mushroom head and the ridge,
been replaced by a cured-in spud, whose outside thread
forming an airtight seal.
accepts a valve stem replacement with a preformed
Clamp-In Tubeless Tire Valve.
tubeless tire valve stems are used with passenger
e. Snap-In Tubeless Tire Valve. Snap-in tubeless
tire valve stems (fig. 32-27) are used
Figure 32-22. Tube Flaps


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