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TM 9-8000
Figure 32-29. Valve Caps.
screwed onto the end of the stem, providing a second
airtight seal. The cap also protects the threads on the
end of the stem and keeps dirt and moisture out of the
valve body. The screwdriver-type cap has a forked tip
that may be used to install or remove the valve core.
The plain cap generally is used on rubber-covered valves
and has a skirt that contacts the rubber covering on the
valve stem.
Screwdriver and plain-type caps are
interchangeable with each other.
32-18.  Identification of Tires and Tubes.  All tire
identification markings and codes generally are in raised
Figure 32-27. Snap-In Tubeless Tire Valve
letters and numbers on the sidewall of the tire. Combat
tires are marked COMBAT on the serial number side.
seat, which, in the closed position, is forced against the
Tubes for combat tires also are stamped COMBAT. See
bottom of the shell, forming an airtight seal. The pin on
paragraph 32-14c for identifying features of bullet-
top of the valve core, when pushed down, forces the cup
resisting tubes.
away from the shell, permitting air to flow.
b. Valve Caps. The valve cap (fig. 32-29) is also a
component part of the valve and is
Figure 32-28. Valve Cores.


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