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TM 9-8000
Section VI. TRACKS
blocks are linked together by the end connectors, which
32-19. Track Characteristics. The track is a circular
engage the track pins. The end connectors are secured
flat-band assembly that is mounted under the road
to the pins by means of wedges and wedge nuts.
wheels and driven by sprockets in the rear of the vehicle.
The track is designed to distribute the weight of the
b. Single-Pin Tracks. Except for the single-pin
vehicle over a large area so that the vehicle will not sink
arrangement, the general design features are similar to
on soft surfaces. The assembly also is able to bridge
the double-pin track links. Component nomenclature is
large gaps in terrain that would render a wheeled vehicle
somewhat different in that the single-pin track (fig. 32-
32) has no blocks. The basic metal and rubber structure
is called the body. The addition of the bushings
32-20. Sectional Band Tracks. Sectional band tracks
completes the link, which is comparable to the link of the
(fig. 32-30) are designed so that sections of this type
double-pin track. The link, pin, nuts, and washers make
track are replaced when worn or damaged, rather than
up the shoe assembly.
replacing the whole track assembly. In this design,
parallel cable reinforced bands are clamped between the
32-22. Shoe Types.
cover plates and track bars by means of through bolts
and self-locking nuts. Each track section is made to a
a. Integral Center Guide. An integral center or
convenient length for ease of handling and is connected
track guide (fig. 32-32) is cast into the track shoe itself.
to adjacent sections by connector plates. The joint is
It engages the road wheel so that the alinement of the
made between the track bars. However, some designs
track is maintained and also absorbs lateral forces
provide for the joint to be made at the track bar.
caused by steering and side slope conditions.
32-21. Pin Connected Tracks.
b. Detachable Center Guide. The detachable
center guide (fig. 32-31) serves the same function as the
a. Double-Pin Tracks. Double-pin tracks (fig. 32-
integral center guide but is detachable from the shoe.
31) consist of a pair of track blocks assembled onto two
rubber-bushed pins. The
Figure 32-30. Sectional Band Tracks


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