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TM 9-2520-272-34&P 4-16.   INSTALL RIGHT END COVER ASSEMBLY (SHEET 8 OF 9) 1 Install right end cover gasket (1) on transmission (2). 2 Install 3/8 inch flat washers (3) on each of two 3/8-16 x 3-1/2 inch bolts (4) and put bolts through sling lugs. NOTE Bolts  (4)  should  not  extend  beyond  the inside surface of the end cover.  If tips of bolts    extend    beyond    surface    of    end cover, end cover will not seat on gasket. 3    Using  9/16  inch  socket,  install  two  bolts  (4)  in two  jack  holes  (5)  in  right  end  cover  assembly (6). WARNING o    Check  slings  and  lifting  devices  for cuts,   breaks,   and   wear   before   and during   hoisting.      Slings   and   lifting devices  can  break  and  cause  injury or death. o        Weight    of    end    cover    assembly exceeds  safe  limits  for  lifting  without sling  and  hoist.    Lift  end  cover  with sling and hoist to avoid bodily injury. 4    Hoist right end cover assembly (6) over transmission (2). 5    Lower end cover (6) so that it is resting lightly on transmission (2). NOTE ì  Output flange must be rotated left and right   repeatedly,   while   lowering   end cover,    to    line    up    gear    and    shaft splines. ì  Use brake adjust adapter on left and right brake adjust shafts to rotate shafts as necessary to line up splines at hidden ends of shafts. ì  It may be necessary to slightly turn and twist end cover assembly while being lowered. ì  It may be necessary to use plastic faced hammer to help seat end cover on transmission. ì  When properly aligned, end cover will drop nearer transmission.  Cover may not seat completely until it is bolted. Go to Sheet 9 Para.  4-16, Task 2 Change 2  4-71


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