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TM 9-2520-272-34&P 4-8.  REMOVE LEFT END COVER ASSEMBLY (SHEET 6 OF 10) OVERVIEW This  task  includes  removal  of  loose  components  remaining  in  the  center  housing  after  the  left  end  cover  has  been removed. CAUTION If not removed, most of these components will drop out of the transmission when the uncovered left side is rotated down. TASK 4.  REMOVE LOOSE COMPONENTS, LEFT END OF TRANSMISSION COMMON TOOLS: Gloves, leather Hammer, hand, machinist’s Hammer, hand, plastic face Handle, socket wrench, 1/2 inch square drive Heat Gun (2 required) Pliers, slip joint, straight nose Pry Bar, roller head (2 required) Puller, mechanical, gear and bearing, three-jaw Punch, center, tapered point Rotary Tool Kit, electric (grinder) Socket, socket wrench, 1/2 inch square drive, 9/16 inch Wrench, torque, 0-175 ft-lb FABRICATED TOOLS: Fixture, range pack retaining (Appendix D) SUPPLIES: Bolt, 3/8-16 x 3/4 inch Rag, wiping (Item 15, Appendix C) Washer, flat, 3/8 inch PERSONNEL REQUIRED: 2 One soldier holds gear steady. One soldier removes bearing race. CAUTION After left end cover has been removed, do not rotate transmission more than 90 degrees until fabricated range pack retaining fixture has been installed.  Two pitot tubes and two bolts extending into the range pack from center housing help to hold range pack in place, but these tubes and bolts are not adequate support  for  the  range  pack  when  the  transmission  is  turned  over.    If  the  uncovered  left  end  of  the transmission is rotated more than 90 degrees (1/4 turn) from top without the range pack retaining fixture in place, parts in range pack may fall out and be damaged. Go to Sheet 7 4-30  Change 2 Para.  4-8, Task 3


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