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TM 9-2815-226-34-2
(4) Time no.'s 3 and 5 cylinder injectors .
The injection timing procedures for cylinders no.'s 3 and 5 are similar to no. 1
cylinder. When those cylinders are involved, the timing fixture is moved to the
applicable cylinder and that cylinder is used to determine its piston's TDC position.
(5) If injector push tube travel is greater than specified, timing is fast.
(6) If travel is less than specified, timing is slow.
(7) Before adding or removing cam follower housing gaskets to change timing, perform following:
(a) Ensure that cam follower housing capscrews are torqued to 30 35 ft lbs (41 47 Nm).
(b) Recheck indicator positioning. Ensure they are not binding or bottoming out.
(c) Carefully recheck TDC position. Ensure that each timing step is carefully and accurately performed.
(8) To retard timing, remove gasket(s) from cam housing and follower assembly mount pad.
(9) To advance timing, add gasket(s).
(10) Recheck timing after gaskets are removed or added.
(11) Remove timing fixture and perform timing check on one cylinder of each remaining cylinder head.


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