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TM 9-2815-250-24&P 3-6. CRANKCASE REPAIR. This Task Covers: a. Disassembly b. Assembly c. Test Initial Setup: Tools/Test Equipment: Personnel Required: Two    General mechanic's tool kit, automotive (Item 15, Appendix G) Equipment Conditions:    Steel rule (Item 28, Appendix G)    Pistons and combustion chamber liners removed (para 3-9). Materials/Parts:    Flywheel, auxiliary drive hardware, and flywheel    Grease, automotive (Item 5, Appendix D) housing removed (para 3-8).    Lubricating oil (Item 6, Appendix D)    Solenoid removed (para 2-27).    Sealing compound (Item 10, Appendix D)    Governor control assembly removed (para 3-16).    Crankcase gasket set (Item 1, Appendix F)    Shim (Item 5 or 6, Appendix F)    Spring tension washer (2) (Item 31, Appendix F) a. DISASSEMBLY 1. Remove shim (2) from camshaft gear (1). 2. Remove hose coupling (6) and gasket (7) from upper crankcase (23).  Discard gasket. 3. Remove  two  screws  (18)  and  spring   tension   washers   (17),   access   cover   (16),   and   gasket   (15)   from   upper crankcase (23).  Discard gasket and spring tension washers. 3-20


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