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ARMY TM 9-2815-253-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-93-2 MARINE CORPS TM 2815-24/3 NOTE If pinion gear is worn or damaged, inspect flywheel ring gear also. f. Inspect armature shaft gear, bearings, reduction gear, and pinion gear for wear or damage.  Replace any part that is damaged. g. When  pinion  gear  is  placed  upon  overrunning  clutch,  pinion  gear  should  turn  freely  in  one  direction  and  lock when turned in opposite direction.  Refer to FIGURE 3-25. FIGURE 3-25.  Overrunning Clutch 3-24.5.  Assembly. a. Apply a light coating of general purpose grease (630AA) to following starter components before assembling. (1) Armature (8, FIGURE 3-22) shaft gear. (2) Gear (18). (3) Armature shaft bearings. (4) Stopper (24). (5) Sleeve bearing in front bracket (16). (6) Pinion gear (25). (7) Lever (21) sliding portion. (8) Solenoid (1) plunger. b. Position overrunning clutch (22) into front bracket (16). c. Install spring (26) and pinion gear (25) on overrunning clutch shaft. d. Slide  stopper  (24)  onto  shaft  and  install  new  retaining  ring  (23)  in  groove.    Stopper  (24)  must  fully  engage retaining ring when installed. e. Install lever (21) (as noted during removal), spring set (19), and packing (20). f. Adjust pinion shaft end play as follows: (1) Place gear (18) on pinion shaft. (2) Install center bracket (15) and secure with screw (14). (3) Install new gasket (13), washer (12), and new retaining ring (11). (4) Measure pinion shaft end play with a feeler gage between center bracket (15) and washer (12). (5) Adjust end play to between 0.0039 to 0.020 in.  (0.1 to 0.5 mm) with adjustment washers (17). 3-45


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