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ARMY TM 9-2815-255-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-95-2 MARINE CORPS TM 2815-24/4 q. Check or relocate timing mark on governor weight retainer (31) as follows: (1) Place weight retainer (31) on timing line locator tool (20401). (2) Rotate hub of weight retainer and rotor hub in direction indicated on tool until movable pointer lines up with 131.5 degree mark. (3) Check to see if timing mark on rotor hub is aligned within ±  one degree with fixed arrow point on tool. (4) If not, remove existing mark, repeat step (1) thru (3) and scribe a new mark on hub.  New hubs will have no timing mark.  The timing mark will have to be added. r. Place holding fixture (FIGURE D-1, Appendix D) in vise. s. Place weight retainer on rotor.  Ensure that assembly timing marks on rotor and weight retainer line up.  Using snap ring pliers, install new snap ring (30) in its groove in weight retainer. t. While  holding  weight  retainer  carefully  so  rotor  will  not  fall  out,  invert  entire  unit  so  it  rests  on  weight  retainer (31). u. Position two rotor retainers (23) on head and rotor with cutout portions meeting over spring pin hole in hydraulic head. v. Position  liner  locating  ring  (22)  over  rotor  retainers  (23)  and  bottom  it  against  head.    Position  split  in  ring  90 degrees from split in retainers. NOTE Preformed  packing  (16)  has  an  oval  cross  section  and  can  be  identified  by  rolling  it  between fingers. w. Install new preformed packing (16) in groove on hydraulic head (17).  Be sure to push packing all the way into its groove. CAUTION Use care not to cock blades during Installation, as sharp edge on liner (15) can score blade ends. x. Install liner (15) so slot is lined up with hole in which regulator assembly roll pin (12) enters. NOTE Blade springs (14) must be fully compressed as they are installed. y. Assemble springs (14) to blades (13) and install blades in their slots in rotor. z. Assemble transfer pump components as follows: (1) If necessary, install new spring pin (12) in correct hole in regulator (8) for clockwise rotation.  On face of regulator 'C' is stamped for clockwise pump operation. (2) Using small flat screwdriver, install new piston seal (11) in groove of regulator (8).  Do not roll seal over when assembling. CAUTION To prevent excessive transfer pump pressure and damage to pump when nt is operated, ensure adjusting plug (7) Is flush with end of regulator. 3-104


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