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TM 9-2920-243-34 Table    2-1.    Troubleshooting-Continued Malfunction Test or Inspection Corrective  Action Step  3. Check   for   eccentric STARTER-Continued commutator   (out   of   round)   by   disassembling   starter   (para   3-4   through   3-12)   and   checking eccentricity  (para  3-14g). Repair commutator (para 3-15e), if possible, and assemble starter (para 3-16 through 3-25). Step  4.  Inspect  field  coils  for  shorts  or  grounds  (para  3-14f). If field coils are grounded, replace starter. Step  5.  If  armature  shows  excessive  brush  arcing,  disassemble  starter  (para  3-4  through  3-12)  check  armature  for  grounds  or shorts  (para  3-14g). Replace starter if armature is grounded. 7.  Starter  Drive  Fails  to  Engage. Step  1.  Check  operation  of  solenoid  relay  by  placing  a  jumper  across  battery  terminal  and  solenoid  relay  terminal.  This should cause the relay to operate. If the relay does not operate, remove relay (para 3-5) and install new relay (para 3-25). Step 2. Check to see if solenoid relay linkage is adjusted properly (para 3-25f). If  adjustment  is  incorrect,  remove  solenoid  relay  adjusting  plug  and  adjust  linkage  (para  3-25f). Step  3.  Check  for  binding  in  shift  lever  or  drive  assembly  by  partially  disassembling  starter  (para  3-5,  3-6  and  3-7).  Inspect lever  (para  3-14i)  and  drive  assembly  (para  3-14d)  for  defective  parts. Replace defective parts and assemble starter (para 3-23, 3-24 and 3-25). 8. Starter Vibrates During Operation. Check  for  worn  or  damaged  bearings  by  disassembling  starter  (para  3-4  through  3-12),  inspect  bearings  (para  3-14b,  c, and h ) . Replace bearings if necessary and assemble starter (para 3-16 through 3-25). 9.  Drive  Assembly  Pinion  Will  Not  Override. Check for defective drive by disassembling starter (para 3-4 through 3-12) and inspecting drive assembly. Replace drive assembly, if necessary, and assemble starter (para 3-16 through 3-25). 2-3


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