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TM   9-2920-243-34 Figure 3-2. Removing or installing relay adjusting shaft access plug. Figure 3-3.  Removing  or  installing  relay  assembly attaching parts. 3-6. Removal and Disassembly of Pinion Housing Assembly a.  Removal. (1) Scribe alinement marks (A, fig. 3-5) on shift housing and pinion housing (C) for proper positioning of pinion housing during assembly. Remove  six  hex-socket  head  screws  (B).  Tap around  edges  of  pinion  housing  (C)  to  loosen housing pilot from its bore in shaft housing. (2) Remove pinion housing (A, fig. 3-6), from starter  and  then  remove  and  discard  packing  (B). Remove thrust washer (C) from armature shaft. Figure 3-4. Disconnecting or connecting relay adjusting shaft using shaft adjusting tool. Figure 3-5. Removing or installing pinion housing assembly attaching parts. 3-2


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