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ARMY TM 9-6115-666-13&P
AIR FORCE TO 35C2-3-505-1
This task covers:
a. Inspect
c. Repair
b. Removal
d. Installation
Equipment Conditions
Tool Kit, General Mechanic's (item 1, appendix B)
Both generator sets shut down, paragraph 2.7.1
Trailer support devices are lowered
Visually inspect the fuel system for damage.
1. Fuel line system replacement.
a. Close both fuel valves (1, figure 4-11) and remove cap (2) from fuel fitting straight adapter (3).
b. Place container beneath fuel fitting.
c. Disconnect hose fittings (4) on hose (5) and (6) and remove.
d. Remove nut (7), flat washer (8) clamp (9), flat washer (1 0), and screw (1 1) securing fuel line to
trailer chassis.
e. Remove nut (12) and tube nipple (13).
f. Remove elbow (14 ) valve (1), and pipe nipple (15).
g. Remove straight adapter (3), self locking nut (16), and internal tooth washer (17).
h. Remove pipe tee (18) and pipe coupling (19).
2. Fuel system bracket replacement.
a. Remove any fuel line system components required to remove fuel system brackets.
b. Remove four self locking nuts (1, figure 4-12), flat washers (2), screws (3), flat washers (4), and
remove fuel valve bracket (5).
c. Remove two self locking nuts (6), flat washers (7), screws (8), flat washers (9), and remove fuel fill
bracket (10).
d. Remove two self locking nuts (11), fuel line shield (14), flat washers (13), and screws (12).
e. Remove fuel can (15) from mounting bracket (19).


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