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TM 9-8000
discussed in paragraph 33-2d but are constructed slightly
certain position in relation to the tie rod top or front
different. The tie rod ends have a cast housing
surface to prevent interference with other parts.
incorporating a threaded shaft in the design. The tie rods
provide a swivel connection to both steering arms and
c. Rack and Pinion Steering Linkage (Fig. 33-6).
both connections to the centerlink.
The rack and pinion steering linkage is the simplest form
of steering linkage. A ball socket joint, which has a
4) Adjusting Sleeves. The inner and outer tie
hollow threaded shaft, is generally used to connect the tie
rods are connected by adjusting sleeves. These are
rod assembly to the rack and pinion steering gear. The
tubular in design and threaded over the inner and outer
threaded end of the socket assembly accepts the tie rod
tie rods. The adjusting sleeves provide a location for toe
and allows for toe adjustment. Clamps also are used to
adjustment. Clamps and clamp bolts are used to secure
secure the tie rod and socket joint. This type of
the sleeves. Some manufacturers require the clamps be
steering linkage is found on many smaller cars.
placed in a
Figure 33-6. Rack and Pinion Steering Linkage.


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